Change Log

05/10/14 - Switched web hosts, updated templates.

09/12/10 - Updated Yellowstone area webcam page. Zoomed out a level and added radar, satellite and a few more webcams.

07/31/10 - Updated Black Hills webcam page. Zoomed out one level, added radar and satellite added a few webcams.

12/28/09 - Recoding each page to be WC3 compliant. What a fun way to spend the holidays.

12/27/09 - Redesigned index.html to match weather pages and to be W3C compliant.

10/01/09 - Added a page with the neighboring NWS Weather Forecast Office weather story of the day images. The page can be viewed here.

08/27/09 - Added links back to the local NWS Hydrology page from their river level images I'm using. The page can be viewed here.
>>>Switched Lightning Photography Page to Weather Photography page with more photographs to come. The page can be viewed here.
>>>>Added Main Photography Page Link. The page can be viewed here.
>>>>Added a Really Scary (not really) Stuff page. The page can be viewed here.
>>>>Added an Image of the Day Page. The page can be viewed here.

7/26/09 - Added Hydrology page that shows NOAA graphs of nearby rivers. The page can be viewed here.

7/22/09 - Added this Bookmark and Share to some of the more popular entry pages on the site.

1/23/09 - Added High/Low/Averages page to the Almanac. The page can be viewed here. Thanks to HomeTownZone for the scripts.

1/15/09 - Added a couple pics from the lighting storm the day after Christmas to the Lightning Photography page.
>>>>Switched webcam pages to .php style.

1/13/09 - Added this change log page.

1/12/09 - Updated Colorado and Black Hills webcam pages.
1/04/09 - Added Local Storm Reports.
12/27/09 --- Added Lightning Photography
12/16/09 --- Added various Local weather forecasts
Late Summer to early fall of 2008 --- upgraded to the Carter Lake theme with AJAX templates.

To do list.

These are in no particular order. The ones requiring time will most likely be done first, the ones that require money will likely be on the back burner for a while. Changes also come around a lot quicker in the winter than in the summer. If you have any suggestions please visit my Contact page